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Plastic Crystal Roll on Bottles Wholesale

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Base material: Plastic
Bottle Body material: HDPE
Cap material: PP
Sealing Type: Roll on, screw cap
Use: Packaging is used for deodorant liguid
Bottle size: L50mm*S40mm*H115mm
Capacity: 60ml or customized
Surface Handling: labeling, Printing
Certificate: GMP/ISO

1. Roll on bottle adopts a three-stage design, which is one less roller holder than the four-stage roll on bottle produced by the same type of manufacturer, which saves material and labor costs. There is no need to add a PE gasket to prevent leakage, and it can pass the vacuum test, and it is not easy to fall off and leak.

2. Unique waist-shaped crystal bottle shape, the diamond-shaped bottle cap can be matched with different colors

3. The roller bottle produced by the one-step injection blow machine is of good quality and large capacity, which is suitable for large batch orders of customers.

4. The shape of the roll on bottle is composed of eight sides, and it is easy to wrinkle when labeling around the bottle body. We used a newly developed special labeling machine to make the perfect effect. Undertake labeling processing of multi-faceted special-shaped roller ball bottles.

5. The roll-on bottle produced by our company has been vacuum tested and there is no leakage. Suitable for packaging various liquids.

6. Our roll-on bottles are all produced in a dust-free workshop with GMP certificate, which absolutely meets your brand's environmental requirements.

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MGG Group (Dongguan Meiguo Plastic Co., LTD.), founded in 2006, is one of the leading plastic container Manufacturers in China, providing high-quality custom plastic packaging services for the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics and personal care industries. 

Our main products include: deodorant containers, roll on bottles, dropper bottles, HDPE bottles, plastic spray bottles, plastic pump bottles and other plastic packaging. 

• ISO 9001:2015 & GMP compliant factory and operation.
• 100,000-class dust-free workshop.
• Own large mold room can provide free product testing mold.
• Fully automatic robots, high precision, fast speed, large capacity.
• Meticulous QC team in charge of daily monitoring.
• Strict hygiene standards for workers.
• Well-equipped lab for testing.

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