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Precautions And Quality Standards For Custom Plastic Bottle Processing

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The hollow custom plastic bottle is made by blow molding, just like the beverage bottle we usually drink formed by blow molding. It is generally used for daily chemical line packaging bottles, washing and care bottles, etc. In China plastic container manufacturers, the blow molding material used is PE material, but many PE plastic bottles are replaced mainly by PET plastic bottles. In today's era of individuality and innovation, PET will have a new development model.

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So, do you all know what issues need to be paid attention to in processing blown plastic bottles? High-quality products lie in their technical expertise. From the perspective of products:

1. Pay attention to the thickness, height and shape of the plastic bottle when blow molding;

2. The processing temperature is around 160°C or above to ensure the shape and quality of the plastic bottle;

3. The cleanliness and integrity of the mold;

4. Check whether there is any damage and whether the mold parts are firm;

5. Whether the tension and pressure are around 0.5MPA:

Some quality standards of the bottle mouth. Custom plastic container manufacturers generally use a unified lid for the convenience of constantly using the plastic bottle mouth. Take PET plastic bottles as an example, the bottle mouth is generally standard 16#, 18#, 22#, and 24# caliber. According to different use requirements, the design of the bottle mouth is also different. Like food packaging bottles, wide-mouth bottles are generally used, and washing and care packaging and beverage bottles are generally small-caliber, which can be used with pump heads and screw caps.

Plastic packaging attaches great importance to user experience, especially the design of the bottle mouth, which must fully consider users' convenience. According to the solution designed based on the user's pain points, a designer made a creative design of a “crooked bottle mouth” so that receiving water is no longer a problem. That is, the user experience is fully considered. However, some people will feel sorry for the expensive cost of mold opening. From an overall point of view, it is more important to look at the details. If the design of the custom plastic container cannot benefit users and the brand, then the design will fail.

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