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Precautions When Using Antiperspirants & Deodorants

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MGG group is a professional deodorant tube manufacturer in China that offers empty deodorant containers and roll on deodorant bottles. Many consumers need to buy antiperspirant/deodorant to prevent lousy body odor on their body, especially in summer. So what are the precautions for using antiperspirant/deodorant? Let me share it with you today.


1. When is the suitable time to use an antiperspirant/deodorant?

Antiperspirant: Recommended for use at night before going to bed.

Because the sweat glands are not active at night, the aluminum compounds contained in the antiperspirant have enough time to form a gel on the top of the sweat glands with sweat, thereby blocking the sweat glands and exerting an antiperspirant effect.

After waking up, you don’t need to reapply. You can only reapply it at night. For several days in a row, the antiperspirant effect will be better afterward.

Deodorant: suitable for use before going out, exercising and after bathing, when the skin is dry.

2. Will long-term use of antiperspirants affect health?

Although antiperspirants contain aluminum compounds, no solid research currently shows that long-term use will affect health. And the antiperspirant substances left on the sweat glands are water-soluble. When the antiperspirant is stopped, it can be washed off in a bath without worrying about excessive intake of aluminum on the skin. If you're really concerned, you can switch to other deodorants that don't contain aluminum or zirconium compounds, but deodorants will be less effective at preventing perspiration.

3. How to choose spray bottles, twist up deodorant containers, and empty roller bottles?

Spray packaging generally contains a propellant. If the product is a propellant of petroleum hydrocarbons such as butane, it is a flammable substance and needs to be kept spray bottles away from fire sources and used in a place with air circulation. In addition, the spray volume is very small, and it is easy to enter the human body through the respiratory tract. Avoid using it close to the face, avoid using it near children or pets, and avoid eye contact.

Twist up packaging, push the product out for use by rotating it, and push it back into the tube after use.

Roller ball packaging is relatively simple, and there are not many requirements for the use environment and skills, but remember to keep it hygienic and do not share it with others.

4. Who should not use antiperspirants?

If your skin has been allergic to a certain substance or product, such as certain ingredients such as aluminum in antiperspirants, fragrances or preservatives, you should stop using it.

In addition, if the underarm skin is damaged, the hair has just been removed or shaved, and you have skin diseases such as eczema and folliculitis, you should not use it temporarily to avoid irritation to the skin.

5. Is there any way to reduce sweating or body odor without using antiperspirants or deodorants?

Usually, you can wear loose-fitting, cool and breathable clothing to allow sweat to evaporate easily. Reducing strong-smelling foods, such as curries, garlic or other spicy foods, can also help reduce body odor.

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