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Production Introduction Of Plastic Disc Caps

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MGG group is a professional disc top cap manufacturer in China, providing plastic disc caps. Disc top closures are used in many cosmetics in the market, so how are they produced? Today, this article mainly introduces the production process of disc caps.

The cover in production in the video is a custom-made disc cap in our factory, and this order will produce a total of 500,000 plastic disc caps with 1 layer of aluminum foil liner.

The production process of plastic disc caps:

Mold design: MGG group is good at optimizing injection mold structure and providing high-efficiency mold development services. Customers provide samples and drawings or directly put forward their own needs, MGG group provides drawing optimization and design support until the customer is satisfied.

Customized mold: MGG group rationally designs mold structures according to product structure and product performance requirements and cooperates with 3D software to do mold flow analysis so that your samples can meet the requirements at one time.

Injection molding: Put the raw materials needed by the customer into the hopper of the machine, the raw materials will enter the heater inside the machine, melt into a liquid state after heating, and enter the mold cavity under the high pressure of the machine, and the finished product will be obtained after cooling.

Finished product: The fully automatic robotic arm takes the finished product out of the injection molding machine and puts it on the conveyor belt. Quality inspectors will inspect the produced products. Qualified products will enter the next process. Unqualified products will be placed in a special basket. The staff will deal with unqualified products in accordance with factory rules and regulations.

The above is the product introduction of plastic disc caps. Injection molding is suitable for the production of large quantities of products, with a short molding cycle, high production efficiency and stable products. If you are looking for a cooperative disc top cap supplier, please contact MGG group, with high-quality products, reasonable prices and stable output, it is your good choice.

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