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Production Process Of Medicinal Plastic Bottles

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Many medicine bottle manufacturers know that medicinal plastic bottle is made of plastic material. The production process is a method of blowing plastic. Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of blow molding:


1. "Squeeze" is also called hollow squeeze and blowing plastic.

The extruder continuously squeeze out the hollow tube, cut it with scissors (artificial) or cutting device (automatic) into a small section and moved to the squeeze mold.

Advantages: simple equipment, small investment, low cost and price.

Disadvantages: The bottle mouth is uneven and the seal is poor. The raw material is usually used with LDPE, which is much lower than HDPE/PP.

2. Two-step method "Note-Blow"

"Injecting and blowing plastic" is performed separately by two independent machines, commonly known as the "two -step method".

Step 1: It is injected into a pipeline blank by an ordinary injection molding machine.

Step 2: Put the tube blank on a honeycomb heater or automatic circulation heating conveyor belt, heating and temperature, and then move to the bottle blower with a compressed air blowing.

Advantages: The equipment is relatively simple and less investment. The bottle mouth is relatively flat and well seal. The variety development is fast, the mold cost is low, and the cost is low.

Disadvantages: Step in the injection tube blasting and blowing molding, it is easy to transmit pollution, difficulty in germ examination, poor products in the same nature, and are not suitable for large -scale production.

3. One-step method "Note-Blow"

"Injecting and blowing plastic" is completed on the same machine.

Different models are divided into three-station and second-range "note-blowing".

The three stations of the "Note-Blow" bottle making machine in the three-stage station are distributed in the triangle of the edge of 120 ° angle, the first station is the injection molding station, the second station is the blowstorm formation station, the third station is For the bottle offering.

The three stations can be operated at the same time, high production efficiency, short cycle, and can be connected to automatic counting packaging with the conveyor belt to truly implement the custom medicine bottles "without contact" with people during the entire process of production to ensure that the product is hygienic and clean.

The second-site "Note-Blow" plastic machine 2 can be arranged up, down or front and back.

The 1st station is the injection molding station, and the 2nd station is a blow molding molding station. Because there is one less dedicated bottle and cooling station, it is difficult to achieve fully automatic counting packaging (generally manual counting). In addition, the production cycle is long and the production efficiency is lower than the three stations.

Advantages: High degree of mechanical automation and high production capacity. The bottle mouth is high and the seal is good. The HDPE/PP raw material is selected, the wall of the bottle is uniform, the performance is excellent, and the quality of the medicine is long. At present, domestic standardized pharmaceutical packaging companies basically adopt a one -step method "bleaching" process equipment, which are mainly "three -station" structure.

Disadvantages: The equipment investment is large, the mold is complicated, and the system configuration requirements are high. Not suitable for small batch production. However, large quantities can get high quality and low cost, good economic benefits.

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