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Production Process Of Paper Deodorant Tubes

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In the deodorant packaging industry, consumers tend to use environmentally friendly packaging. In order to reduce environmental pollution, many brand owners have replaced product packaging. Using paper deodorant packaging has become a method recognized by everyone. So how is paper deodorant packaging made? What is its production process like?

Paper Deodorant Tubes

As a professional paper tube manufacturer in China, the following MGG group will introduce the production process of paper deodorant tubes for you.

1. Design

Design the packaging and printing documents, and complete the selection of packaging materials at the same time.

2. Printing

After the printing factory gets the design sample and packaging size, it will determine the printing according to the size of the packaging, the thickness of the paper, and the printing color.

3. Making knife mold and mounting pit

The production of cutting molds should be determined according to the template and the printed semi-finished product. A good cutting mold determines the appearance and shape of the paper tube. The mounting pit is mainly used on the pit box, and the pit paper is selected according to the requirements and glued together with a special machine.

4. Appearance treatment of printed matter

This appearance treatment is mainly to beautify the surface, including lamination, bronzing, UV, oil polishing, etc.

5. Molding

Use machinery, die cutting. Die-cut the paper tube to form the basic pattern of the paper tube.

6. Sticky box

It is to glue the paper tube to the parts that need to be fixedly connected according to the template or design style.

Environmental protection concept

With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection and low carbon, health issues are becoming more and more important, and green and environmentally friendly deodorant cardboard tubes have become a trend. The ink used in printing bears the brunt again, so many people began to gradually pay attention to the toxic incidents of printing ink. In order to dispel consumers’ concerns, the printing industry pays attention to non-toxic printing and is moving towards green printing. Flexographic printing is used by many enterprises. Water-based ink is basically non-toxic.

A major problem of ink toxicity lies in organic solvents, mainly toluene, xylene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives. They will volatilize into the air with the drying of the ink, which not only pollutes the air, but also poses a threat to the health of printing operators. There are also volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which come in many varieties, such as alcohols, esters, ethers, ketones, and mineral oils. Like aromatic hydrocarbon solvents, it will volatilize as the ink dries, polluting the air. Another major problem of ink toxicity is pigments, such as heavy metals in inks. Although most inks have reduced the content of heavy metals, some people use chrome yellow and chrome red to make inks.

To solve the problem of ink toxicity, from a narrow perspective, it is necessary to use green and environmentally friendly inks. First of all, the ink composition should be changed, that is, new inks should be prepared with environmentally friendly materials. There are mainly water-based inks, UV inks, water-based UV inks and some alcohol-soluble inks. Try to buy some authentic products, pay attention to living habits, and don't let any ink touch your mouth.

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