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Roll on Bottle Material: Plastic or Glass?

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MGG group specializes in producing empty roll on deodorant bottles with 15 years of experience. Most of the materials used in roll on bottles in the market are glass and plastic. Many consumers do not know what packaging products they should choose.

Roller bottle packaging needs to choose the material of the packaging material according to its own brand, product material, cost and other angles. So, according to your own products, should you choose plastic roll on bottles or glass roll on bottles. Today, one of the roll on bottle manufacturers, MGG group, will teach you about roll on The material of the bottles and their advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages of plastic roll on bottle

The roll on deodorant containers are made of plastic material, which can meet many design requirements and can be freely matched with colors. Plastic roll on bottles have low density, are lightweight, have adjustable transparency, and are not easy to break; plastic roll on bottles have good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, and high mechanical strength, are easy to shape, and less production loss. With low cost and relatively low cost, it is a good choice for brand owners.

Disadvantages of plastic roll on bottle

Plastics are prone to chemical reactions with cosmetics, causing cosmetics to deteriorate, and plastics are also a major problem of environmental pollution. Now advocate the use of plastic-free packaging to reduce the use of plastic.

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Advantages of glass roll on bottle

The material of glass is relatively stable, and it is difficult to chemically react with cosmetics, which protects cosmetics well and is not easy to deteriorate. Roll on bottle made of glass will appear more advanced, which is conducive to business marketing. The glass material is resistant to high temperatures and is easier to sterilize.

Disadvantages of glass roll on bottle

Glass material is more expensive than plastic material, so the cost of packaging skincare products in glass bottles is relatively high. Glass bottles are easy to break accidentally, and all skincare products inside must be scrapped, which is too easy to waste. The shape of glass bottles is fixed, large and large. It is heavy and not easy to carry when going out.

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