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Roll On Deodorant Bottles Is Becoming More And More Important

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For Chinese consumers, empty roll on deodorant bottls is still relatively rare in daily life. As the world's largest manufacturer, China has many professional roll on bottle suppliers. Let me popularize it for you. What is roll on bottles?

frosted pink roller bottles

roll on bottles is a very common packaging bottle widely used in deodorant, eye cream, lipstick, etc. The capacity is from 1ml - 100ml, choose the appropriate size according to the purpose of the product. The rolling ball is installed on the bottle, which can prevent the liquid in the bottle from leaking and can also play a massage effect, making it very comfortable to use.

As one of the leading roll on bottle manufacturers in China, MGG group offers roll on bottles wholesale. The process of producing roll on bottles is more complicated than producing ordinary bottles. After the ordinary bottle is produced, put the bottle cap directly, the product is completed, and the speed is relatively fast. However, after the roll on bottle is produced, it is necessary to install the ball, and putting the bottle cap is more troublesome and time-consuming.

Empty roll on deodorant bottles plays a pivotal role in plastic container packaging. Roll on bottles of good quality and performance can meet the needs of the market and the convenience of use. Fully demonstrate good performance and trends, and play a good value contribution in use.

MGG group provides empty roll on deodorant bottles from 10ml to 100ml, with a variety of styles and colors. Find the right packaging for your product.

Empty Roll on Deodorant Bottles

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