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Roll-On Deodorant Recommends From Roller Bottle Manufacturer

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As a roller bottle manufacturer with 15 years of experience in the packaging industry, MGG group has provided empty roll on deodorant bottles to more than 100 deodorant companies around the world. And have done professional research on the brand deodorant packaging in the market and can provide professional packaging solutions for major brands.

Summer is the best season for roll-on deodorants. On such a hot day, you will sweat when you walk outside. People prone to sweating feel that it will smell and feel uncomfortable, so antiperspirant is an essential product. Applying to the underarms can close the skin pores to prevent sweating and keep it fresh.

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Today, according to market research results, roll on bottle manufacturers share a roll on deodorant suitable for female friends: Fresh sugar roll-on deodorant. This product can prevent sweat, reduce sweat discharge, and provide comprehensive, Long-lasting deodorant protection not only keeps you away from sweat but also has an unmistakable lemon candy scent.

This product is recommended mainly because its formula is a mild antiperspirant that pregnant women can use. Key Ingredients: Aluminum Chloride Hydrate (antiperspirant); Lemongrass and Witch Hazel (astringents that reduce moisture); Sugar (inhibits odor-causing bacteria). Natural botanical extracts soothe, repair and restore skin. The mild, alcohol-free formula is rich in sugar to help fight odor-causing bacteria. And it smells great, absorbs quickly, and dries all day.

Of course, Fresh's packaging design is also the main reason for the increase in sales. The unique ball design of the plastic roll on bottle gives people a massage effect during use, which is very comfortable. The flow rate of the bottle is very well designed, the liquid spreads evenly, the texture is refreshing, not greasy, and it dries quickly after application.

There are many famous brands of roll on deodorant on the market. You can choose the deodorant that suits you according to your usage habits. Whether it is plastic roll on bottles or deodorant containers, MGG group has developed and manufactured them. We have our mold room. The mold size can be adjusted in time, and there is a 100,000-level dust-free workshop so that customers can safely hand over the orders for product packaging and production to us. If you need, you can contact us at any time: deodorant tube manufacturer - MGG group.

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