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Sustainable Deodorant Packaging You Need to Know About

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Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility. With the improvement of people's environmental awareness, more and more people pay attention to the sustainable development of the ecological environment. In the packaging industry, consumers are making a conscious choice to buy sustainably packaged products. Consumers' love for sustainable packaging makes them more willing to see paper packaging than plastic to protect their purchases.

As a deodorant bottle manufacturer, MGG group attaches great importance to the sustainable development of custom deodorant containers. Our customers are also more willing to customize paper deodorant packaging for their brand. Based on market preferences, MGG group has developed sustainable deodorant containers.

80% less plastic eco friendly deodorant tubespaper deodorant tube

Eco friendly deodorant tubes are our key promotion products. The tube body of this product is made of paper, which can reduce the pollution of plastic and can also be recycled. The rotary button is made of PCR material, which is recyclable plastic. More and more customers use sustainable deodorant packaging to increase consumer purchases and increase brand sales

paper deodorant tubes wholesale

Biodegradable deodorant containers

Biodegradable deodorant containers are another product that we focus on promoting. This product is made of 100% biodergradeable kraft paper+ cardboard + medical oil-proof lining, so there is no need to worry about pollution to the environment.

Empty Deodorant Tubes

Reusable deodorant containers

In addition to paper packaging, consumers also like reusable deodorant containers, which can reduce household waste. Refillable deodorant products are emerging in the field of personal care, and the production of reusable deodorant containers is also a key development project of deodorant packaging suppliers.

Sustainable deodorant packaging, as a method to realize the circular development of packaging, has unlimited development possibilities in the field of packaging. MGG group will also continue to explore and develop sustainable packaging to achieve a win-win situation between economic profits and sustainable development goals.

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