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Talking About The Packaging Design Of Cosmetics

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Nowadays, all kinds of cosmetic packaging exist in our lives, and most of its production is to satisfy women's visual feelings and influence their consumption desires. Whether a product sells well depends on many factors, one of which is the packaging design of the product. Most of the shape designs of children's products are designed according to children's favorite cartoon images, which can bring a friendly feeling to children. In the same way, the majority of consumers of cosmetics are women, and women's pursuit of beauty is endless. So the exquisite and beautiful design of the outer packaging of the product, like a work of art, will definitely attract people. to buy. Coupled with the fact that cosmetics are placed in a specific position, such as in the window, and the illumination of the light, it will be particularly eye-catching.

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1. Why are people attracted to packaging?

Most cosmetics use opaque outer bottles with better protection from light in order to protect their nutrients from deterioration. However, some studies have shown that transparent custom plastic bottles are more likely to attract people's desire to buy, so custom plastic bottle manufacturers According to the needs of customers, the packaging design is divided into two layers of shells, namely: the inside is a custom plastic container that avoids light, and the outside is a transparent acrylic packaging. After a period of sales, the packaging products designed in this way are sought after by a large number of people, so this design is widely used: some bottles are made of materials with better light-proof properties, and the lids are designed with transparent materials.

Another factor that affects cosmetic packaging is color. Now the packaging colors on the market can be described as colorful and various, which provides consumers with a lot of choices. Another point is to use color to distinguish different series of this product, such as: general young users , the colors are more youthful, such as orange, light blue, pink, etc.; and the colors designed for women with higher spending power are generally darker, dark purple, black, etc., these colors can reflect the nobility of women temperament.

2. Types of packaging design

Cosmetic styling is a top priority for product designers, as it is the first impression on consumers. Most of our daily common skin care products are cylindrical, but the appearance of makeup products is quite changeable. Every year, the limited edition merchants will work hard on the shape and color, but in fact, their original product ingredients and technology have not changed. Merchants have captured this consumer psychology of people: they like the psychology of novel appearance and a limited collection of makeup, so these limited editions are sold every year.

So let's study the design of these products, let's talk about the design of blush, the traditional design of blush is basically a solid red powder with a square or round outer packaging, then this is a The design is quite satisfactory, and many people who see such a product buy it from its practical point of view. And the current blush products design the original powder into the shape of petals. We all know that most of the flowers are red, so this just matches the color of the blush. Designing its shape into the shape of a flower, we will feel its beauty visually. Secondly, when we use it, it is like painting the face with the color of the natural plant of the petals, which brings a pleasant feeling to the user. This is worth thinking and learning for our designers. It not only has the actual use function of the product, but also brings a higher level of experience to customers. Such product design will attract more consumers to buy.

Talking about the packaging design of cosmetics

On the contrary, the outer packaging design of some products is a simple style. It designs the packaging of the product in a transparent form, and does not add any decoration except the brand label. The label is also designed in a low tone to match its overall style. This design is more suitable for groups who like simple and clean styles. There are various types of packaging, and some products have very distinctive packaging, so consumers like to give it a name with packaging characteristics, such as: "Little Bulb", "Little King Kong", "Little Brown Bottle", etc. Remember that the product has to remember its packaging, such a marketing method is achieved through its design. Cosmetics are roughly divided into skin care products and make-up. The design styles of the two are quite different: make-up pays more attention to good looks, as well as the placement of the store and the illumination of lights, while skin care products are made through Active ingredients and promotional ideas of the product to design its appearance. So let's first study the shape design of skin care products: most of the products on the market are cylindrical, square bottles or cans, which can give the product enough volume to store its liquid or solid, and some products are expensive. The reason is also its outer packaging. The cost of a product’s outer box and packaging is as high as several hundred, and the internal design of some packaging is vacuum, which is to keep the paste from air pollution and oxidation, and reduce the addition of preservatives. Irritation to the skin.

The same is true, and some other product merchants use this principle to design the product as a pump head. The convenience of this is that the dosage can be well grasped. The amount of each pressing will be designed to cover the amount that you need. However, such a product has a disadvantage that the paste of the pump head remains on it, which needs to be cleaned by consumers next time. However, its advantage is that the paste in the bottle is relatively clean and hygienic, which has a positive effect on the design of the bottle. significance.

Then, the new custom dropper bottle design came into being. The capacity of the dropper is also fixed, and the dosage during use is also easy to grasp. The air pressure is used to suck the liquid into the dropper, and then the liquid is pressed out during use. It is convenient and fast, but this design will cause more pollution by contacting the entire bottle of paste with the air each time it is used. Therefore, such product packaging design merchants generally limit users to use up the paste within a certain period of time, otherwise the paste The active ingredient loses its effect due to oxidation. The base makeup products in the makeup category are designed to be more and more convenient and comfortable. In order to meet the market demand, merchants have produced air cushions and other appliances and equipped with mirrors, which are exquisite, compact and easy to carry. The design highlights of these products are mostly their Some of the colors on the surface are designed to be polarized, and there are many colors at a certain angle. And some are designed so that the frame is metal texture, these details of the design can greatly improve the aesthetics of the product. This kind of product is not only how good the actual effect it brings to consumers, but also the experience and feeling when using it. To bring a happy mood to customers, she passed from the good feeling of using this product to the good feeling of this brand.

3. Improvement direction of packaging

The problem we also need to consider is the utilization rate of product packaging. Although packaging can bring us a sense of pleasure on the surface, its actual utilization rate is not high, and it only plays a decorative role. The waste utilization of packaging has also become a problem that we need to solve. For example, we can change the transparent bottle into a decorative vase after the second transformation, and the canned bottle can be used to store some small objects, so that its Value can be reused.

In the future, I think these cosmetic packaging can be slightly improved, so that the utilization rate can be higher and the effect of secondary utilization can be achieved. Bringing the instruction manual of the product to the inside of the outer package can save the paper of the instruction manual, which is more environmentally friendly, and such an outer package can be designed to be torn and folded into a book along the dotted line, which greatly improves the utilization of paper. Rate. Then, the inner packaging can be designed to be layered, the outer layer can be designed to be beautiful and novel, and the inner packaging can be designed to have refills, so that we not only save the cost of the original bottle, but also solve the problem of waste.

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