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The Allergenic Ingredients In Deodorant Stick

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There are many deodorants packaged in plastic deodorant containers on the market, and their functional components include: aluminum chloride. Aluminum sulfate, anhydrous ethanol solution, alum, tannic acid, urotropine solution, the mechanism of this antiperspirant antiperspirant is to block the sweat gland ducts that produce sweat, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing sweat secretion; It has a certain fragrance and has an elegant fragrance; better quality antiperspirant also contains bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and cooling ingredients.

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The human body sweats a lot, which can dissipate the heat in the body, and excrete various toxins from the body through metabolism. Repeated use or prolonged use of antiperspirant will lead to clogged pores, abnormal discharge of metabolites, which may cause hyperthermia, increased waste in the body, and some people may cause allergies and local dry skin. Symptoms such as sweat spots, skin redness, itching, and even skin pain can lead to severe skin diseases such as folliculitis or hidradenitis.

Long-term use of deodorant, due to the functional components of deodorant stick, will lead to poor skin ventilation, and the skin will be dry and itchy.

Urotropine solution is obtained by chemical reaction between formaldehyde and ammonia water. The reason for the good effect of treating sweaty hands, feet and underarms is that formaldehyde works and has astringent effects. When used medicinally, it has a certain bactericidal effect. Long-term use has certain drug resistance, and dark hair and dark allergic dermatitis under the armpit occurs from time to time. The price is low, and it is not suitable for long-term use by people with body odor.

In addition, it also contains certain flavors and other additives. Among them, ethanol, formaldehyde, tannic acid, essence and additives may induce allergic diseases of different systems and degrees due to the sensitivity of the human body.

Formaldehyde is mainly used in deodorant and antiperspirant products as a preservative, and most people have poor immunity to this chemical component, and antiperspirant products directly act on the human skin, so the phenomenon of poisoning and allergy is sometimes caused. occur.

Therefore, users need to carefully review the product formula according to their own skin conditions, and choose products that are suitable for their skin.

In general, the simpler the recipe, the better. The deodorant packaged with cardboard deodorant tubes is now on the market. Basically, the ingredients are more environmentally friendly and safe, so you can use it with confidence.

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