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The Development Of Paper Deodorant Packaging

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Paper deodorant packaging is a three-dimensional shape composed of a polyhedron formed by moving, stacking, folding and surrounding several surfaces. The faces in the three-dimensional composition play the role of dividing the space in the space. If the faces in different parts are cut, rotated, and folded, the obtained faces have different emotional expressions. The composition relationship of the display surface of paper deodorant tubes should pay attention to the relationship between the display surface, the side, the top and the bottom, and the setting of the packaging information elements.

paper deodorant tube

To a large extent, cardboard deodorant tubes promote and beautify deodorant products with their exquisite shapes and decorations, improve the competitiveness of deodorant, and thus increase the profits of deodorant stick suppliers. Since the shape and structure design of paper deodorant packaging is often determined by the shape characteristics of the packaged goods, there are many styles and types, such as round, oval, square, polygonal, special-shaped cartons, etc., but the manufacturing process is the same. , select materials, design icons, make templates, punch, and join into boxes.

Paper packaging is the most used type of packaging for industrial products. Cartons are the most important form of transportation packaging, and cartons are widely used as sales packaging for various products such as food, medicine, and electronics. With the changes in transportation methods and sales methods, the styles of cartons and cartons are becoming more and more diverse. A set of automated equipment accompanies almost every new type of non-standard carton, and the novel cartons themselves have also become means of product promotion. Paper deodorant packaging is a kind of paper packaging. Today, deodorant packaging has also begun to develop towards paper when advocating the protection of the environment, reducing plastic products and developing a sustainable economy. Suppliers can develop in a highly competitive environment only in line with the current development path.

MGG group believes that in the future, paper deodorant packaging will develop in the direction of environmental protection and economy, and there will be more innovative forms in front of us. Let us wait and see.

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