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The Development Prospect of Paper Deodorant Tubes

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With more and more reports of the pollution of plastic waste to the environment and the harm of plastic waste to organisms, more and more people realize the importance of protecting the environment. For the packaging industry, the demand for recyclable and reusable packaging solutions has increased dramatically.

To address this growing problem, both P&G and Walmart have publicly announced aggressive sustainability goals. By 2030, the P&G beauty brand has committed to using 100% recyclable or reusable packaging while reducing the use of virgin petroleum plastics by 50%. Walmart said that by 2025, it will have zero landfill waste at its operations in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Japan.

A P&G Beauty official said: "We co-designed the packaging with consumers who are interested in reducing plastic waste. Most consumers have high expectations for environmentally friendly products."

Those at Walmart also endorse the idea of sustainability: “Walmart is deeply committed to transforming retail for environmental sustainability. As the world’s largest retailer partnering with the largest deodorant and antiperspirant brand in the United States, We know this new cardboard packaging has the potential to have a significant positive impact and set the stage for wider impact."

More and more brands of deodorant will come in all-paper, plastic-free, tube packaging. Deodorant bottle manufacturers are also vigorously developing paper deodorant tubes. The development prospects of paper deodorant tubes are very necessary and are also welcomed by consumers.

As one of the leading deodorant container manufacturers in China, MGG group is committed to the path of sustainable development, providing recyclable and reusable packaging solutions to our customers.

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