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The Difference Between Deodorant And Perfume

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People who like to sweat, in order to avoid the embarrassment caused by the smell on their body, they will spray themselves with perfume to cover up the smell on their body before going out, or apply deodorant to prevent bacteria from breeding and producing odor. So what is the difference between deodorant and perfume?

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What is Perfume?

Perfume can enhance people's self-confidence. Appropriate clothing and appropriate perfume can not only highlight one's personality, but also leave a deep impression on others visually and olfactorily. Appropriate perfume can not only soothe one's mood, Relieve fatigue. The unique fragrance of perfume can soothe tired nerves. When the body is tired, spray some fresh and pleasant perfume properly, which can make people recover from fatigue and refresh their spirits.

What is a deodorant?

When sweat is decomposed by skin bacteria, the sweat secreted by the apocrine glands has the lowest water content, and bacteria can multiply in the mixture of sweat fat and protein, so a strong odor will be formed. Deodorant can inhibit the growth of bacteria. The fragrance can cover body odor, or completely eliminate body odor, but it will not hinder sweating. Some deodorants have a longer-lasting effect.

The difference between deodorant and perfume

1. The scent components of deodorant are much less than that of perfume, so the fragrance retention time is much shorter than that of perfume, and the fragrance retention time is not long.

2.deodorant is naturally cheap due to its low fragrance content. The formula of perfume is generally more strict, and the ratio of essence is more complicated, so the price is also more expensive, much more expensive than deodorant.

3. The texture of deodorant and perfume is different. Deodorant is generally in the form of a paste, and perfume is generally in the form of a liquid aerosol.

4. Deodorant and perfume are used differently. Most deodorants come in roll on bottle packaging, using a ball to roll the product directly onto the skin. Perfume is usually a spout bottle, which needs to be sprayed by pressing, and some use roll on packaging, which is directly applied to the hands or behind the ears.

Whether you use perfume or deodorant, you can buy it according to your own habits, or use it at the same time, as long as you achieve the effect you want.

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