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The Environmental Science Of Paper Deodorant Packaging

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The environmental protection of paper deodorant packaging has become one of the important factors affecting consumers' decision-making. The "2022 Consumer Sustainability Cognitive Behavior Survey" report shows that 88.6% of consumers have the desire to buy, if the product packaging is environmentally friendly They will want to buy more, which shows how much consumers attach importance to environmental protection and sustainable packaging. So many deodorant stick suppliers are studying how to make their product packaging more environmentally friendly.

In the innovation of sustainable packaging, reuse and replaceability have become a major idea. Personal care leading companies Procter & Gamble, Unilever, etc. have launched recyclable and compostable cardboard deodorant tubes, which are used in products such as deodorant.

The innovation of this type of environmentally friendly paper deodorant tubes is mainly reflected in: First, it is 100% recyclable, made of FSC paper/PCR paper/Recycled paper, and can be recycled and reused after the product is used up. Second, use 100% biodegradable, compostable paper to ensure that the product will not pollute the environment after use.

Paper deodorant tubes have great advantages in plastic reduction. Using recyclable and compostable paper materials to make deodorant containers not only reduces the use of plastic, but also benefits the environment. This is also consistent with the sustainable development pursued by many brands.

However, it is worth noting that paper deodorant packaging has high requirements for technology and cost. The entire R&D and production line not only involves the development of main components, but also tests on sealing, bottle cap tightness, and torque. It is very time-consuming and energy-consuming, so it is not easy to implement. At present, MGG group has developed a paper-plastic mixed deodorant container, which not only retains customers' twist up usage habits, but also reduces the use of plastic by 80%. This product is very popular with brand customers.

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