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The Production Standard Of Medicinal Plastic Bottles

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Custom plastic containers manufacturer will explain to you the production standards of plastic bottles. In recent years, with the increasing demand, the field of pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging has developed rapidly. Due to the particularity of drug packaging, medicinal plastic bottles have the characteristics of being lightweight, no damage, and healthy.

If the dosage of plastic bottles is used improperly, the migration of trace elements will change the medicinal efficacy of the medicine, and taking medicine may even be life-threatening. Medicine is a special commodity, and the manufacturer of pharmaceutical plastic bottles must strictly control every link of production to be healthy and comply with the requirements of "GMP" and also master the relevant laws and regulations.

At present, most medicinal plastic bottles for tablets, capsules and medicines are packaged, so the custom plastic bottle produced must ensure that the medicine tablets and capsules are not easily deteriorated by moisture, are heat-resistant melting, and not easy to change color, and easily decomposed when exposed to light. Oxidation and pollution. The varieties of custom plastic containers include high-density polyethylene bottles (HDPE), polypropylene bottles (PP), polycarbonate bottles (PC), and granules of polyester bottles (PET).

Since there are many specifications, colors and shapes of medicinal plastic bottles, the following main selection criteria should be grasped: the sealing of the cap and the permeability of water vapor.

Air tightness and moisture permeability play a crucial role in charging stability. Custom plastic bottle product quality standard. Perform a product quality analysis from the manufacturer's product quality standards to determine if it is advisable. Plastic container suppliers should formulate corporate standards higher than national standards, and industry standards are more stringent.

Selection of raw materials for medicine bottles. Different raw materials will be selected according to the nature of the drug. Tablets are generally made of high-density polyethylene and polypropylene bottles. For example, PET bottles can be used for transparency and better barrier properties than PEN bottles. Generally, polypropylene or polyethylene bottles are used in liquid pharmaceutical dosage forms. Made of vinyl bottle ester as the main raw material.

Stability and compatibility of plastic bottles. When using plastic bottles, especially for drugs using new plastic bottles (or new materials, new processes), drug testing should be performed to check the stability and charge of the compatibility of plastic bottles with drugs. The mutual penetration, dissolution, adsorption, chemical reaction, and denaturation of pharmaceutical plastic bottles can be determined by scientific testing.

Quality Assurance System. Purchasing plastic bottles has become indispensable for reviewing the production software and hardware facilities of plastic bottle suppliers and making a comprehensive and correct assessment of the overall technical equipment and quality level. After passing the review, you can try to place an order for production.

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