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The Quality of MGG group' Roller Bottle is Better Than Other Factories

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Roll on deodorant bottle is a common packaging used for perfume, essential oil, eye cream, lip balm, deodorant, etc. The ball on the head can prevent liquid leakage, and the product can be evenly applied to the designated position. And it has a massaging effect that leaves the skin feeling cool and comfortable, which is why many consumers use roller bottles. MGG group, one of China's leading roller bottle suppliers, provides empty roll on bottles. Many brands like to customize roller bottles from our factory. What are the advantages? Now, let's analyze the difference between MGG group's roller bottles and other manufacturers' roller bottles.

1. Structural design

Many roller bottles on the market now adopt a 4-stage structure design and use sealing gaskets to prevent liquid leakage, but brand owners fill the products for sale. It will leak, and it is inconvenient to put it in a small bag and carry it out. This experience directly affects the sales of the product. So many deodorant stick manufacturers are looking for solutions that can solve liquid leakage.

MGG group's roll on bottles is designed with a 3-section structure, and the bottle body and the ball holder are integrated. The ball is designed according to the liquid flow rate. It can prevent liquid leakage without a gasket, has a safe and reliable seal, and can be carried around. The roll on bottle with a 3-stage structure design not only helps brand owners to solve the problem of liquid leakage but also is popular with consumers, so many brands have long-term cooperation with MGG group.

2. Anti-aging and high-temperature resistance test

MGG group will conduct a high-temperature resistance test for each batch of roller bottles produced. The randomly selected roller bottles will be placed in a machine with a constant temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. After 24 hours, the product will be taken out for inspection to ensure that the product does not have aging and discoloration.

3. The cap does not slip

The caps of Roller bottles will slip after being used for a long time or when used with force because the plastic caps are soft and easy to deform, and the threads are easy to break. MGG group's quality inspection department will spot-check each batch of products, fix the roller bottles on the machine, and then tighten the lids with 18 pounds of torque to ensure that the lids do not slip.

4. Vacuum test

Roll on bottles manufactured by MGG group are passed vacuum tested. Roll on bottles from other suppliers has not undergone such rigorous testing. Put the Roller bottles filled with liquid into the vacuum box under an environment of 0.04MPA. There will be no liquid leakage within 1 minute. Other roller bottle suppliers rarely carry out this kind of rigorous testing of products.

MGG group is committed to producing high quality roll on bottles with reasonable price, welcome to customize roll on bottles to win the market for your brand.

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