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The Recycling Challenge Of Empty Deodorant Containers

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With the increasing call for environmental protection, more and more deodorant packaging suppliers have joined the ranks of practicing "environmental protection 3R" (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle). The sustainable deodorant packaging industry still faces an unavoidable pain point: most recyclable empty deodorant containers are not recycled.


According to United Nations survey data, only 9% of plastic products produced worldwide are recycled, and the plastic recycling rate is very low. About 90% of the world's waste plastics flow to the ocean, causing ocean pollution. After the plastic restriction order and garbage classification regulations, although the overall plastic recycling situation has improved, there is still room for improvement in the recycling rate of waste with a high degree of recyclability.

The degree of recyclability of plastic waste varies according to its composition. For example, HDPE in empty deodorant bottles can be chopped, melted, and reprocessed well for another product packaging. The PCR material in the empty deodorant stick is a new type of post-consumer recyclable plastic with good shrinkage, stability and durability, which not only provides brands and consumers with the guarantee of safe transportation of products but also reduces environmental pollution. Waste plastics, realizing the dual benefits of economy and environmental protection.

In addition to improving the recycling rate of renewable materials from garbage recycling, cosmetics stores have become another recycling channel to be tapped. Many brands have set up packaging recycling mechanisms, reusing empty bottles or transforming them. Many brands now encourage consumers to bring empty bottles back to the store through the text on the bottles. After cleaning, turn the empty bottles into new product packaging, decorative objects, etc.

Although the road to recycling plastics is more difficult, it will become simpler with the improvement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection. In daily life, it is necessary to guide consumers to understand the development and application of more environmentally friendly packaging materials, improve the connection between consumption behavior and environmental protection effects, and influence consumers' consumption behavior to a more sustainable direction by improving their environmental protection behavior. Change.

Of course, as deodorant packaging suppliers, developing new materials to replace plastics is one of the important ways of sustainable development. Adhere to the path of sustainable development and contribute to the environment.

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