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Where Is The Way Out For The Transformation Of Custom Plastic Bottle Manufacturers?

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In daily life, plastic packaging can be seen everywhere. As an industry second only to flexible packaging material paper, it gradually shows a strong growth trend different from that of glass and metal markets. At present, plastic has occupied an important position in the packaging field, and custom plastic bottles, plastic films, woven bags, etc. have developed rapidly in the packaging industry. With the growing demand for consumer retail products such as food and beverages, custom plastic containers have quickly become the preferred new packaging product, and the plastic bottle packaging industry demand has rebounded.

custom plastic container

The plastic bottle packaging industry has a very strong development trend. For custom plastic bottle manufacturers, the products produced are widely used in beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical markets, and they are well known to everyone. However, in the current buyer's market situation, problems such as excess product and fierce competition are inevitable.

PP plastic bottle

In recent years, the development of polypropylene transparent packaging bottles has become a hot spot in domestic plastic packaging products. With the successful development of transparent modifier nucleating agent, highly transparent PP can be made into hollow containers by injection blow molding, injection stretch blow molding, co-extrusion blow molding and other methods, which are widely used in food, medicine and other industries.

Since the thermal stability of PP is much better than that of PET, PP plastic bottles have the most development potential in the field of hot can packaging. In addition, the price of PP plastic bottle is reasonable, it is a competitor of PS, PET, PE, PVC plastic bottle, and the market prospect is broad.

PET plastic bottle

The most widely used beverage packaging today is PET plastic bottles, which are not only widely used for packaging carbonated beverages, drinking water, fruit juice, enzymes and tea beverages, but also in many fields such as food, chemical, and pharmaceutical packaging.

The market prospect of PET plastic bottles is very promising, especially PET plastic bottles adopt plasma coating technology, and its barrier property can almost reach the same level as glass. At the same time, the polyester bottle can also be sterilized with high temperature, which expands its application range.

PE plastic bottle

There have always been PE plastic bottles widely used in the market. From milk bottles to shampoo and shower gel, the plastic bottles used are all PE materials. Compared with PET plastic bottles, PE plastic bottles have a lower cost and are more suitable for many needs for low packaging costs. At the same time, PE plastic bottles are not light-transmitting, which is also very important for some products, because light can affect some products.

PS plastic bottle

Polystyrene is a thermoplastic that is not only colorless and transparent, but also has a glass transition temperature higher than 100°C, so it is often used to make various disposable plastic bottles that need to withstand the temperature of boiling water, which is very popular in the market.

PVC plastic bottle

PVC plastic bottles are soft, tough, and have good plasticity, and can be made into transparent and various colors. Although it cannot be used for packaging of food and other products, it is very popular in the field of chemical packaging.


For plastic bottle manufacturers, although the "plastic ban" has not been swung to the field of plastic bottle packaging, green environmental protection has become a new direction for the development of the current plastic packaging industry. No matter what kind of plastic bottle packaging material is used, it must meet the requirements of green packaging: reduce waste pollution; solve environmental protection problems of solvents; recycling and reuse problems, etc. Plastic bottle packaging that meets environmental protection requirements and is non-polluting is bound to receive more and more attention from the market. Therefore, under the guidance of sustainable development, the plastic bottle packaging industry must make more improvements and attempts in environmental protection. Under the concept of environmentally friendly packaging, plastic container suppliers will usher in more business opportunities.

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