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The Use Principle And Function Of HDPE Medicine Bottle With Screw Cap

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HDPE medicine bottle with screw cap is a special packaging form, mainly used to reduce the risk of children eating dangerous goods, usually by using a special safety cap. Generally, it is stipulated that there are such packages on plastic bottles for pharmaceutical use, and similar packages are required for other household chemicals. HDPE pill bottles with screw caps are one of the commonly used forms of childproof packaging, and they are also the most widely used. The principle is that pressure and torque are required to work together when opening. Adopt child-resistant safety packaging, which can prevent children from accidentally ingesting medicines and chemicals.

Medical bottle manufacturers

Due to the different double-layer structure characteristics of the screw cap, the medicine bottle can be opened by pressing and rotating. Safety bottles have been widely used in foreign countries, but they have not been popularized in China due to various reasons. Children are the future of the family and society, and protecting children's health requires the joint protection of society and family.

The design principle of anti-opening "safety cover"

"The lids for packaging food, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals and other substances are set as two layers of inner and outer layers. If you only apply force to rotate the outer layer, the lid cannot be opened. To open the lid, you need to apply force to the outer layer. Press down on the bottle body, At the same time, the inner cover is driven to rotate to successfully open the cover. Since this opening method involves the application of force from two directions, it increases the difficulty for children to open the cover, thereby improving safety."

The role of anti-opening "safety cover"

The protection of children's safety is one of the primary preventive measures for the country and every family. Medical bottle manufacturers also attach great importance to the development of safety caps. Effective design of safety caps is the root cause of effectively reducing accidental poisoning of children. Children unintentionally open the package and accidentally eat medicines, chemicals, cosmetics, and poisoning incidents due to poisonous substances, which are sad events that every family does not want to see. In order to ensure the safety of children, the packaging uses an anti-tapping "safety cover", which prevents children from opening the packaging test, thereby reducing and reducing the risk of children opening and eating by mistake.

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