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Top 5 Deodorant Packaging Suppliers in China

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Deodorants are products we use every day, and the profits are enormous, so more and more brands want to enter this market. But what kind of deodorant stick containers do you choose to package your products and increase your sales in the market? Choosing a reliable supplier is the key. There are many deodorant packaging suppliers in China, so many companies may make you wonder how to choose. We have compiled the best deodorant container manufacturers to help you choose. Continue reading!

MGG Group


Year Established: 2006

Business Type: Manufacturer

Country / Region: Guangdong, China

Total Employees: 300+ People

MGG Group is a leading deodorant bottle manufacturer in China, offering deodorant containers wholesale. Since its establishment in 2006, MGG Group has been providing high-quality deodorant container manufacturing services for the deodorant brand. They have accumulated rich experience in the industry and have many excellent talents. MGG group controls every process from mold design to product production to meet customer requirements for products.


deodorant packaging supplies

Year Established: 2007

Business Type: Manufacturer

Country / Region: Jiangsu, China

Total Employees: 100+ People

Huayi is a professional deodorant tube manufacturer focusing on empty deodorant containers wholesale. With many years of experience in the deodorant tube industry, Huayi has won more business and customer cooperation with advanced management, leading technology and excellent quality.


paper deodorant tubes

Year Established: 2012

Business Type: Manufacturer

Country / Region: Guangdong, China

Total Employees: 100+ People

Fortress has developed into one of China's leading sustainable deodorant packaging manufacturers, specializing in paper printing and packaging, mainly producing paper deodorant tubes and providing one-stop services from design and printing to handicraft processing.



Year Established: 2014

Business Type: Manufacturer

Country / Region: Guangdong, China

Total Employees: 100+ People

Jemstone was founded in 2014. Specialize in paper deodorant packaging. And have 10 years of industry experience and advanced production lines to meet various large-volume quantity needs. At the same time, it also focuses on providing professional and precise customized services for small order quantity customers.


empty roll on bottle

Year Established: 2011

Business Type: Manufacturer

Country / Region: Zhejiang, China

Total Employees: 100+ People

Shengruisi is a well-known deodorant bottle supplier that provides one-station service to our customers, from mold design, mold making, injection to secondary processing, such as silk-screening, hot-stamping, vacuum coating, UV coating and frosting, etc.

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