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Top 10 Deodorant Stick Manufacturers In UK

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Deodorant sticks are essential products in our daily life. They not only reduce underarm moisture, but also help us kill odor-causing bacteria, remove odor, and keep our skin dry.

Are you looking for deodorant stick manufacturers for your business? You have come to the right place, and this article will be useful to you.

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Unilever is the UK's largest deodorant stick manufacturer and one of the largest personal care brands in the world. It has many brands, such as: Dove, Dove for Men, Sure, Sure for Men, Vaseline, Vaseline for Men and Lyn, etc. The deodorant packaging of Unilever's deodorant products is also being reformed and will always develop towards the goal of sustainable development.

Avanor Healthcare Ltd

Avanor Healthcare Ltd is one of UK-based professional deodorant stick suppliers, specialists in antiperspirants and deodorants. For 15 years, the company has been in the industry with its exclusive formula for treating hyperhidrosis and malodorous sweating. Has a family of high-strength antiperspirants, daily deodorants, natural deodorants and more, specifically designed to prevent excessive sweating and other common and distressing skin conditions.

Reabrook Health and Beauty

With 50 years of experience in the personal care industry, Reabrook Health and Beauty is one of the leading deodorant manufacturers in the UK, recognized by many leading brands, relieves customers from troubles in product development, provides complete solutions, and provides customers with excellent product and service.

The Natural Deodorant Co.

The Natural Deodorant Co. is an expert in natural deodorants designed to reduce or eliminate moisture and odor caused by bacterial growth in the armpits, feet and other parts of the body, with a gentle formula that is 100% natural and enriched with plant-based skin-friendly Ingredients to protect the skin of customers, very suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Wild UK

Wild is the UK's leading natural deodorant manufacturer that aims to reduce the use of single-use plastics and remove unnecessary chemicals from everyday products, replacing them with naturally sourced and sustainably sourced alternatives. Wild has developed refillable empty deodorant containers that can be used directly by simply replacing the deodorant inside.

Your Nature

Your Nature is a deodorant stick supplier that independently develops and designs empty deodorant sticks and pure natural materials. They experimented with product formulations, scents, and packaging to create a natural deodorant that customers love. In the future, Your Nature will also develop and sell new natural deodorants. Let's wait and see.

Green People

Green People mainly produces gentle, natural skin care products, deodorants made with natural minerals and botanical extracts that deodorize and care for the skin. As a responsible deodorant company, caring about every customer, providing different personalized services, and giving back anytime, anywhere, is the purpose of Green People's existence in the personal care industry.


Fussy is a popular brand of deodorant stick that pursues sustainable products, eliminates mass use of single-use plastic products, develops simple and beautiful, high-quality sustainable natural deodorants, and also makes plastic-free refills. Convenient Customers replace used deodorants to reduce the use of plastic packaging, protect the environment and achieve the brand's sustainability goals.

Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth has been providing customers with quality deodorants products since its inception in 1993 and is one of the leading brands of natural deodorants, all products are manufactured from 100% natural ingredients and are free of harmful chemicals , The packaging is also made of recyclable plastic to reduce the pollution of plastic to the environment. Salt of the Earth's strategic goals for sustainability are reflected in natural skin care products and sustainable packaging.

MGG Group

MGG group is one of the leading deodorant stick container manufacturers in China, offers roll on deodorant bottles and deodorant stick containers. MGG group has 15 years of OEM&ODM experience, passed ISO9001:2015 quality management certification and GMP certification, 10,000 square meters of workshop, 100,000-level dust-free workshop, has a strong engineering team, 3D drafters, can 100% perfectly present your perfection design and concept. Welcome to contact us!

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