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Top Deodorant Tube Manufacturers in the USA

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Plastic products are widely used in our lives and play a very important role. In the United States, plastic bottles are very practical and popular products, and empty deodorant containers are essential product packaging in daily life. They have also become one of the main needs in the United States.

MGG group, a professional deodorant tube manufacturer, has more than 16 years of experience in the production of empty deodorant sticks and knows the entire deodorant packaging well. Here we have listed the top 10 deodorant bottle suppliers in the US based on our industry experience to help you find reliable deodorant packaging suppliers for your business.

MGG Group

MGG Group was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Dongguan, China. After more than 10 years of development, it has long-term cooperation with many big brands. As one of the leading deodorant tube manufacturers in China, MGG group has rich experience in design, R&D and production in the deodorant packaging industry and has long-term cooperation with Colgate Hello, Crystal. The manufacturer's strength is strong; it can design packaging solutions that meet the customer's brand according to different packaging needs. It is your trusted partner.

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FH Packaging

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in California, FH Packaging is a global container and packaging company. The success of FH Packaging lies in providing high-quality packaging products while also providing excellent service. According to the customer's product concept, we design and provide high-value packaging products to help customers succeed. FH Packaging can design and produce deodorant containers for you. No matter what material, shape, or function FH Packaging can produce for you to your satisfaction.

SKS Bottle & Packaging

SKS Bottle and Packaging provide customers with a wide range of glass, plastic and metal containers as well as caps and closures. SKS Bottle and Packaging is a global packaging company headquartered in New York. Deodorant bottles' existing products provide customers with the easiest and most convenient way to order online, ship quickly, and reduce production costs for small businesses. If custom deodorant containers are required, SKS Bottle and Packaging will provide solutions in line with customer brands according to customer needs and solve packaging problems for customers.


DISTRIBUPACK is a Pennsylvania-based container packaging company that supports both small and high-volume orders, providing customers with the highest quality plastic jars, containers, deodorant tubes, tubes, caps, lids and accessories. If you want to order deodorant tubes, just look for DISTRIBUPACK. Have Not only many styles, good quality and low price, but also fast delivery, so that you can receive the product quickly. At DISTRIBUPACK, grow and develop with small brand customers, helping them find the packaging that best suits their needs.

Federal Package

Federal Package is over 40 years old and located in Minnesota, partnering with many personal care brands to provide the perfect one-stop-shop for manufacturing solutions for personal care businesses. At Federal Package, you can not only manufacture the deodorant containers you want but also directly fill the deodorants for you, saving you time and labor costs and maximizing your profits.


Founded in 1994 and located in California, The packaging company has been designing and manufacturing packaging for leading brands in the cosmetic, skincare, medical and other industries, providing customers with unlimited options to customize their packaging, including colors, finishes, printing and more. No matter what type of deodorant packaging you need, The packaging company will help you solve it and succeed.


Berry's business scope is relatively wide, but they are all plastic products. Empty deodorant sticks are one of its core products. There are many brands in the world that cooperate with Berry. The purpose of their success is to work with customers to provide innovative packaging solutions to meet the needs of customers' fast-growing markets and to achieve their brand development goals for customers.

Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging is America's long-established packaging specialist and certainly one of the leading deodorant tube manufacturers. Berlin Packaging they have a strong supplier system. Based on their expertise, no matter what type of packaging you need, they can quickly find the best packaging solution and bring you the best overall cost and value.


GENERAL BOTTLE is a professional deodorant tube manufacturer in USA, with its own packaging development and design team to provide perfect packaging requirements. Products cover personal care, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries, providing small batch wholesale and competitive prices, is your good packaging partner.

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