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Top 8 Roll on Bottle Manufacturers in the USA

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roller bottle supplier

Are you looking for the best roll on bottle manufacturers in America?

Are you wondering where you can custom roll on bottles in the USA?

What are the popular roller bottle suppliers near me?

There are many industries where products require an empty roll on deodorant bottles. Therefore, it may be difficult to find reliable roller bottle suppliers. We have compiled a list of roller bottle manufacturers in the United States for you to choose from, as follows:

MGG Group

MGG group has been serving the packaging industry for more than 16 years. It is one of the leading plastic bottle manufacturers in China, creating customized packaging solutions for you and your business! Plastic roll on bottles of different colors, shapes and sizes, we can all develop and customize for you, we can provide you with first-class service, MGG group will not let you down.

Roll on Bottles from MGG Group

SGB Packaging Group, Inc.

SGB Packaging Group is a roll on bottle manufacturer that provides a one-stop service. You can find the bottle you want, whether it is glass or plastic roll on bottles. SGB also provides sustainable, high-quality packaging solutions for the cosmetics and fragrance industries, supporting small stock orders and custom development of new packaging. SGB's service satisfies customers, which is one of its advantages in winning the market.

SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc.

SKS is one of the leading roll on bottle suppliers in the United States, supporting online purchasing and retailing, which is very convenient. SKS provides customers with glass, plastic, and metal containers and can also customize special services such as labels and decorations for customers. In addition, their empty roll on bottle product range is carefully curated to meet customers' needs. If you can't find a suitable bottle design in stock, you can work with the company to make it to your satisfaction.

Specialty Bottle

Specialty Bottle is a global roller bottle manufacturer. It mainly provides glass and plastic packaging services for European and American customers. It has 2 distribution centers in the United States, supporting small orders without extra charges. To ensure that customers get the highest quality containers at the best price and continuously provide customers with the highest quality packaging solutions.

Premium Vials

Premium Vials is one of the leading roller bottle suppliers in the USA, providing high-quality glass and plastic packaging and providing a one-stop solution for cosmetic and personal care packaging. With extensive experience in the packaging industry, Premium Vials can provide exceptional service, taking you from concept to commercialization, regardless of your size, positioning, or packaging needs.


The Packaging Company is a well-known packaging production company in the United States. As long as you send your product concept, it can design and provide high-quality packaging solutions for customers' products and has achieved continuous success. TPC can customize many roller bottles for customers, from color to finish and printing, to create a competitive price for your brand with excellent quality packaging, which will help create the perfect packaging for your brand.

Kaufman Container

Kaufman Container is a one-stop-shop for all your packaging needs and is a leading supplier of glass, plastic and metal packaging components. Kaufman Container provides various packaging solutions to small and large businesses and serves industries such as beauty and personal care. Roll on bottles is one of Kaufman Container's important product lines. Kaufman Container can help you design and develop a package that satisfies you and creates added value for your brand if you need to customize this type of bottle.

Rayuen Packaging

Rayuen Packaging offers a wide range of empty deodorant containers and roll on deodorant bottles for beauty and personal care products. The bottle is made of recycled plastic material and renewable plastic for eco-friendly and sustainable use. It can be used as sunscreen, deodorant, perfume, body concealer and more. No matter the shape or size of the bottle, we can meet your needs and customize the packaging design for you.

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