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Sustainability: Trends in Plastic Packaging

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Plastic packaging is ubiquitous today, and while protecting goods, adding appeal, and facilitating our lives, it can also wreak havoc on the environment through random disposal and improper disposal. Therefore, in today's vigorous promotion of sustainable development, it is imperative to improve the sustainability of plastic packaging and solve the "white pollution" problem of plastic packaging. As a plastic bottle manufacturer in china, MGG group has more than 10 years of experience in the plastic packaging industry. According to the development of the times, I will explain the future development trend of plastic packaging.

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The development of plastic packaging in the future will develop in the following aspects:

1. Plastic packaging is the guardian of the product, and its protective function for the product will be further improved. In the future, plastic packaging will have better performance in terms of oxygen barrier, moisture barrier, cushioning and tensile strength.

2. Plastic packaging is the embellishment of the product and an important part of the product, and its promotional function for the product will be further highlighted. In the future, plastic packaging will use more new packaging materials to attract consumers' attention.

3. The choice of plastic packaging is the main component of product design. Perceptive custom plastic containers manufacturers will continue to explore the research and development of new materials and actively connect with product designers.

4. Plastic packaging will be connected with more intelligent facilities to further improve the efficiency of logistics management.

5. Plastic packaging will become more "green." Custom plastic container manufacturers, whose production process will pay more attention to mitigating adverse effects on the environment. They also pay more attention to social responsibility and are committed to improving labor efficiency and reducing the discharge of various harmful substances. In terms of management, they have gradually integrated advanced production equipment with technologies such as robots and 5G to achieve less or even unmanned production.

6. The concept of "green design" has been implanted from the beginning of product design, and the plastic packaging materials used will be more convenient for the reduction, biodegradation, recovery and recycling of packaging materials.

At present, China's plastic packaging industry is accelerating its transformation and upgrading, increasing investment in infrastructure, technical team training and product research and development, paying more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, and launching good products that are more in line with market expectations.

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