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Trends in the Personal Care Packaging Industry

Views: 60     Author: MGG Packaging Group     Publish Time: 2022-08-02      Origin: MGG Packaging Group

Custom plastic containers are a major category of plastics with rapid development in my country. Its use has covered household products, industrial chemical packaging, food and pharmaceutical packaging, automotive parts, transportation pallets and other fields.


In recent years, the production and sales of personal care packaging products have been well developed. Plastic has become the darling of washing and care packaging because of its wide variety of colors, lightness and convenience, and environmental protection. As one of the famous plastic bottle manufacturers in china, MGG group concludes that the personal care plastic bottle industry highlights the following three characteristics:

(1) Custom plastic container manufacturers pay more attention to product design to better improve product competitiveness;

(2) The specifications and sizes are more diverse, which better meets the needs of people at different levels;

(3) The selection of materials is more diverse. Common cosmetic and detergent bottles are mostly made of HDPE mainly because HDPE has better transparency and corrosion resistance.

With the improvement of consumer consumption levels in recent years, in-mold labeling technology has also improved the grade of plastic packaging. The development of green packaging materials, nanomaterial modification, and antibacterial materials are also used in the personal care packaging industry.

However, the current problems in the personal care packaging industry are also more prominent, such as the proliferation of small custom plastic bottle manufacturers, the rarity of leading companies, and the existence of disorderly competition. There are many types, and the industry lacks standardization. Many cosmetic and care bottles have excessive and shoddy packaging problems.

From the perspective of the development trend, because the advantages of custom plastic containers are more prominent, it is also very promising to develop plastic bottles with various functions for packaging cosmetics and detergents. Pay attention to the development and use of new materials and technologies to meet the packaging of different grades of products and the needs of consumers. For example, pay attention to the structural and humanized design of products, keep up with the development needs of the times, develop green environmental protection washing and care packaging bottles and so on. All in all, the trinity of protection, functionality and decoration is the future direction of the plastic personal care packaging industry.

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