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What Are The Components of Empty Roll on Bottle?

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There are many products on the market that use roller bottles as containers, such as essential oils, perfumes, potions, cosmetics, etc. The roller bottle is small, easy to carry and easy to use, and is loved by customers. So, what are the components of a roller bottle? As one of the leading roll on bottle manufacturers in China, MGG group will introduce the components of empty roll on deodorant bottles.

Roll on deodorant containers on the market are generally composed of 4 independent parts. Mainly composed of bottle body, bead holder, ball and cap.

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There are many shapes, colors, and sizes of roller bottles. The main materials are glass and plastic. The glass roller bottle is mainly used for essential oils and perfumes. The capacity is relatively small and it is very suitable for carrying around. The cost of plastic roll on bottles is relatively low, and the scope of application is relatively wide. It can be used in antiperspirant, medicine, and cosmetics.

The main purpose of the bead holder is to hold the ball and cooperate with the ball to prevent the liquid inside from leaking out of the bottle. It can control the volume of the liquid and apply an appropriate amount of liquid to the body.

The material of the ball is mainly made of plastic and stainless steel, stainless steel is more durable, and plastic is more practical. The use of the ball is very comfortable and a little cool, and the use experience is very popular with consumers.

The caps are also available in various colors and shapes, and different caps are designed according to the bottle. There are press caps and screw caps.

The above is the composition of the common roller bottles on the market. MGG group develops and manufactures 3-stage plastic roll on bottles, which consists of bottle body, ball and cap, reducing bead holders and saving costs. MGG group has its own mold factory, experienced R&D team, and 100,000-level dust-free production workshop, which is a good choice for producing empty roll on deodorant bottles.

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