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What Can Disposable Cryogenic Vials Be Used For?

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Disposable virus sampling tubes are mainly used for the collection, transportation and storage of test samples. The virus sampling tube set is mainly composed of swabs and sampling tubes for virus preservation solution. It can be used for microbial sampling and transportation of new coronavirus, influenza virus, hand, foot and mouth virus and other viruses. As one of the leading cryogenic vials manufacturers in China, MGG group will introduce to you what disposable cryogenic vials can be applied to?


1. Disposable cryogenic storage vials are used for monitoring and sampling of infectious pathogenic microorganisms in clinical departments of CDC and hospitals. It is suitable for influenza virus (common influenza, highly pathogenic avian influenza, etc.), hand, foot and mouth virus and other types of viruses, and can also be used for the sampling of mycoplasma and chlamydia;

2. Disposable cryo tubes are used to transport nasopharyngeal swab samples or samples from specific parts from the sampling point to the testing laboratory for polymerase chain reaction extraction and testing;

3. It is also used to save nasopharyngeal swab samples or array samples of specific parts for necessary cell culture and so on.

Disposable cryotube vials From the appearance, it is simple and clean, suitable for different people. And the packaging is easy to open and convenient to use. The design of the swab stem makes it easy to break and facilitate the transport of the sample. The most important is the use of single-use sterile packaging, radiation sterilization and individual packaging. MGG group is a professional cryogenic vials supplier, if you need cryo tubes, please contact us.

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