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What Is A Cryovial Tube?

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MGG group is one of the leading cryogenic vials suppliers in China, offers 0.5ml-10ml cryovial tubes.

cryovial tubes

1. Product use:

Cryovial tubes are used for the collection, transfer and storage of clinical virus specimens such as new coronavirus, influenza, avian influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease, and measles.

2. Product composition:

1) Sterile disposable rayon plastic rod swab.

2) Sampling tube.

3) Disposable substance sample bag

3. Product Features:

1) It adopts the internationally accepted paper-plastic packaging that is convenient for sterilization.

2) Sterilize by γ-ray to ensure sterility.

3) Each set in the big box is individually packaged for easy use.

4) Equipped with different solutions for different specimens.

4. product advantages:

a. The collection system uses polyester fiber swabs, which are non-toxic to microorganisms and can increase the collection and release of specimens to a maximum extent.

b. The total length of the swab is 16cm, and the plastic rod has a unique breakable design. No tiny debris during breaking.

c. There is no residual sample, and the processing of the sample is accelerated.

d. Swabs are individually packaged for sterilization.

5. product operation method:

Nasal swab: Gently insert the swab with polypropylene fiber tip into the nasal palate, stay for a while and then slowly turn it out. Use another swab to swab the other nostril. Immerse the swab head in the sampling solution and discard the tail.

Pharyngeal swab: Wipe bilateral pharyngeal tonsils and posterior pharyngeal wall with a swab with a polypropylene fiber tip, immerse the swab tip in the sampling solution, and discard the tail.

Note: Nasal and pharyngeal swabs can also be collected in the same sampling tube to improve the separation rate and reduce workload.

6. Matters needing attention

The swab is sterilized by gamma rays, if the package is damaged, it is strictly prohibited to use.

The sampling tube is sterilized by gamma line, it is strictly prohibited to use it in any of the following situations

1) Contamination of the transport fluid.

2) The sampling tube is broken.

3) The color of the transport fluid changes (the normal color is pink)

4) The sterilization shelf life of the product has passed.

5) Other signs of contamination.

Note: Swabs and sampling tubes are for one-time use and should be destroyed according to relevant biosafety operations after use.

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