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What is The Difference Between Deodorant Packaging?

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As a professional deodorant bottle manufacturer, MGG group In order to better serve customers and make our customers' product packaging more competitive, we often buy deodorant products on the market, compare their deodorant packaging, and learn from them. We can improve our product technology, make better suggestions for customers' product improvement, help customers save costs and increase profits.

The deodorant products in black packaging are bought by our company from the supermarket, and the deodorant products in blue packaging are deodorant stick packaging produced by us, and the deodorant products put on the market by customers. Let's take a look at the deodorant packaging comparison of these two products.


deodorant stick packaging

Labeling is a kind of packaging service, which can directly reflect the customer's brand. When purchasing a product, customers will pay attention to the content on the label and have a better understanding of the product. First, we can look at the label of deodorant stick packaging. The label on the deodorant stick container of the black product is not very neat, and the back looks more obvious, indicating that there is no clear specification for the product packaging during the production process, and the quality inspection of the product packaging is not very strict. The label of the plastic deodorant container of the blue product is transparent, and it is divided into two parts: upper and lower parts, but we can see that the two labels are on the same horizontal line and are neatly affixed, indicating that the packaging of the product is being produced. There are strict requirements in the process, and the quality inspection is also very strict when the packaging leaves the factory, and only qualified products can be put on the market. Labeling is a value-added service for deodorant packaging suppliers, but it is also a reflection of the factory's capabilities.

Deodorant stick packaging

deodorant packaging suppliers

The most important capability of deodorant packaging suppliers in the design and production of product packaging. Now let's compare the packaging of these 2 deodorant products. After opening the bottle cap of the black product, the paste is directly exposed to the air, and the bottle cap is too thin and has no texture to the touch. The blue product is composed of two caps to avoid the paste directly contacting the air, reducing the growth of bacteria, and the cap is relatively thick and textured. Strict quality packaging not only protects the product but also makes consumers more trustworthy of the brand.

How to use

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The use methods of the two products are different. The use method of the black product needs to be rotated first, and after the twisting device at the bottom has a certain gap, press it upwards, and the paste can be used after it comes out. The use method of the blue product is to rotate directly, and the paste will rotate and rise up, which reduces the use steps and takes care of the customer's using experience.

MGG Group is committed to becoming the leading deodorant packaging supplier in China, producing high-quality product packaging and bringing you the best high value-added packaging services. Please contact us.

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