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What Is Disc Top Cap?

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In daily life, disc top caps are used in many products, which can be well distributed and used, such as shower gel bottles, hand sanitizer bottles, disinfectant bottles, etc.

Disc Top Closures

Disc top closures is a kind of bottle cap commonly used in cosmetic packaging. It has a beautiful appearance and does not need to be unscrewed during use. Just press the top side of the cap with one hand, and the liquid outlet hole of the cap body can be exposed to the inside of the bottle. liquid to be poured. After use, it can be closed by pressing the other side of the top of the cover again, and the operation is simple and convenient.

There are many disc top cap manufacturers in the market now, and the competition for disc top closures is fierce. There are all kinds of companies. There are large-scale, medium-scale, and "self-employed" with only one or two machines. They are made with compression molding technology and injection molding technology. There are machines of foreign brands and domestic brands. Assorted.

MGG group is a professional disc top manufacturer with more than 15 years of manufacturing experience and a leading position in China. It provides disc top caps of various styles and specifications, and can also customize plastic disc caps for you. MGG group provides excellent solutions for your product packaging, if you want to know more, contact MGG group directly.

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