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What Is The Common Deodorant Packaging On The Market?

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MGG group, a professional deodorant bottle manufacturer in China, provides packaging solutions for the world's deodorant brands. There are many kinds of deodorant products on the market, which are mainly divided into 3 categories according to different ways of use.

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1. Advantages and disadvantages of roll-on deodorants: evenly antiperspirant, relatively cool. Roll-on antiperspirants can spread the antiperspirant more evenly on the skin surface, and the skin feels cooler, but most roll-on products need to be shaken well before use. Otherwise, it is easy to leave white marks on the skin.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of spray deodorants: easy to use, less allergic, and less effective. Antiperspirant spray is the most convenient to use, but its concentration is low, it is not easy to cause allergic symptoms, and it is suitable for people who do not sweat a lot.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of ointment deodorants: The antiperspirant effect is the strongest, but it is easy to be sticky. Compared with other antiperspirant products, the antiperspirant effect of deodorants is better, easy to carry, and more durable. However, some products will be sticky to a certain extent, so wash them clean.

Different products use different deodorant stick containers. No matter what type of deodorant packaging, MGG group can design, develop and manufacture them. As one of the leading deodorant container manufacturers, MGG group continuously absorbs advanced knowledge, keeps abreast of fashion trends, provides customers with long-term packaging solutions and enhances business value.

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