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What To Do With Empty Deodorant Bottles?

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Deodorant packaging suppliers in China, MGG group, provides empty deodorant bottles to major brands, has over 15 years of experience in the deodorant packaging industry, and has won brands' trust and long-term cooperation. Many consumers buy deodorants from brands, but after using the products, they do not know what to do with empty deodorant containers. Next, the MGG group will popularize the knowledge of deodorant packaging.

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Composition of empty deodorant bottles

The common empty deodorant sticks on the market are composed of barrel, screw, platform, and caps, with bottom filling and top filling of packaging, mainly through twist up to distribute and use products, can be used for solid paste, such as lip balm, lipstick, Deodorant, solid perfume, lipstick, etc.

Classification of empty deodorant bottles

The plastic material is empty deodorant bottles, the common materials in the market are PP, PE, HDPE, AS, etc. Due to plastic pollution to the environment, various countries have issued plastic bans. For the brand's sustainable development, deodorant stick manufacturers use PCR as the primary raw material. Recyclable plastics can reduce environmental pollution.

Plastic alternative, paper deodorant tubes. As consumers' awareness of single-use plastics continues to increase, there is a search for more environmentally friendly packaging solutions to reduce plastic pollution. Paper packaging is more environmentally friendly, 100% degradable, than traditional plastic packaging, and has no environmental burden. Many brand companies now support the use of environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

What to do with empty deodorant bottles?

If you have purchased a deodorant product, use it up. The problem then is how to minimize the pollution of the empty deodorant tube to the environment. First, look at what plastics the bottle is made of, recognize the plastics that can be recycled, decompose and classify the bottles, put the recyclable plastics into the recyclable bins near your home, and put the unrecyclable plastics into the trash can. If you buy paper deodorant tubes, you don't need to consider these issues, and you can recycle them or put them in the trash because the impact on the environment is relatively low.

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