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Where To Buy Empty Deodorant Stick Containers?

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In summer, many people will buy deodorants. People who like to sweat breed bacteria under the armpits and produce unpleasant odors. Deodorants can be used to prevent the troubles caused by sweating, keep the underarms fresh and avoid embarrassment.

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There are many types of deodorants, but for people with sensitive skin, choosing a product that suits their skin type is a waste of time. So many people like to make their deodorants by hand.

However, empty deodorant containers are not readily available in grocery stores. Because such products are cheap and low-profit, many stores do not have styles to choose from. So now, one of the deodorant packaging suppliers, MGG group, recommends several websites for you to buy empty deodorant bottles. I hope you can find your favorite deodorant packaging.


Amazon is a giant in retail e-commerce. You can buy everything from here, and empty deodorant sticks are no exception. There are all shapes and sizes. After finding the product, you can first look at the customer's evaluation of the product and have a certain understanding of the price and quality of the product, and then you can choose a more cost-effective one to buy. Amazon supports multiple payment methods, fast delivery, and free shipping and is the most convenient online store to buy deodorant containers.


Walmart is the world's largest retailer, with both offline and online stores. If you buy a certain amount of empty deodorant tubes at the Walmart online store, shipping is free and delivery takes a while. If you're a Walmart+ member, you can take advantage of discounts and faster shipping.


Alibaba is a world-renowned B2B enterprise and the world's largest wholesale platform. You can find suppliers online to customize products or buy products in small quantities. You can do empty deodorant container wholesale on Alibaba if you are a brand dealer or wholesaler. Not only can you get the wholesale price, but you can also customize your favorite styles and colors for your brand. Just talk to the deodorant stick manufacturers on Alibaba about the product's design, price and delivery date.

MGG Group

As one of the professional deodorant packaging suppliers, MGG Group has more than 15 years of experience in the plastic container industry, with 2 factories in China, with experienced designers, provide free 3D design and free 3D printing to provide you with a one-stop service. If you need custom deodorant containers, contact MGG Group directly, your trusted plastic packaging experts.

Whether retail or wholesale, you can find the empty deodorant containers you want on the above platforms. Of course, there will be other platforms where you can also buy, depending on which platform is more favorable and the reasonable delivery time.

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