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Why Are Clear Custom Plastic Bottles So Popular?

Views: 60     Author: MGG Packaging Group     Publish Time: 2022-08-18      Origin: MGG Packaging Group

The color of custom plastic bottles is generally adjusted by adding color master materials during plastic thermal processing. The organic or inorganic colorants contained in them will not react with plastics. The color master materials have strong solubility resistance, low migration, Good heat resistance and so on. Although the colors of custom plastic containers are non-toxic, more and more transparent custom plastic bottles are gaining popularity.

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Regarding custom plastic bottles, the guarantee of transparency has become mainstream in the market in recent years. After all, the packaging of transparent plastic bottles allows consumers to directly see the packaging object so that customers can feel the quality of the product and can visually enhance consumers trust in the product. Other types of plastic bottles also unmatch this.

Colored plastics have complicated recycling and reprocessing paths and limit their secondary use. Transparent plastics without background color have low recycling costs, a wide range of reuse fields, and high recycling value, so they are more environmentally friendly in comparison.

Due to market considerations and the advantages of transparent plastic bottles, more and more plastic bottle suppliers focus on producing transparent plastic bottles in the production layout of plastic bottles. Although clear plastic bottle packaging has many advantages, opaque plastic packaging still has room to live. First, many products must use opaque packaging to achieve the blackout effect. This is mainly because chemical products are very sensitive to light and must therefore be protected from light. Second, some sensitive and private products also require opaque plastic bottle packaging. Therefore, the opaque plastic bottle packaging market has its own living space.

For custom plastic bottle manufacturers, whether transparent or opaque, it needs to be adjusted according to the market and products, and it cannot be discarded. Everything is customized according to customer needs. If your company needs custom plastic bottles, you can contact MGG group.

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