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Why Choosing Plastic Bottles For Packaging?

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There are many custom plastic bottles on the market. Some plastic bottles are very successful in design, helping merchants build brands and expand sales. However, some plastic packaging bottles have a dull response in the market. Why is there such a contrast? Why not? Take a look at the custom plastic bottle manufacturer - MGG group.

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Why are more and more industries choosing plastic bottles for packaging?

The market response was poor because the design of the plastic packaging bottle was substandard. When custom plastic container manufacturers design plastic packaging bottles, they must meet the following requirements.

1. In terms of function, general plastic bottles should have the functions of dustproof, moisture-proof and waterproof, and also be anti-drop so that the product can meet various transportation conditions and not be damaged.

2. In use, consumers' usage habits should be fully considered to facilitate opening and use.

3. In terms of design, the design of plastic bottles should fully consider the psychology and preferences of consumers so as to trigger consumers' desire to buy. If it is a product with rich colors, it can be packaged in a transparent plastic bottle, which can fully display the characteristics of the product; if the product needs to be protected from light, it can be packaged in opaque; if you want to display some products, you can use translucent packaging.

5. Special function requirements, because of the particularity of some products, the plastic bottle packaging needs to have a certain ability to prevent UV penetration from protecting the products from deterioration.

Good packaging is very important to the product. The above are the 5 requirements that a qualified custom plastic container needs to meet.

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