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Why Do Deodorants Have 2 Caps?

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Deodorants are a product we use daily to help us remove odors from our bodies for some time, keep our bodies fresh, and allow us to reach out to other people with more confidence. Due to everyone's love for deodorants, this market is also very competitive, there are more and more styles of deodorants, and deodorant stick containers are constantly innovating. there are more and more styles of deodorants, and deo stick containers are constantly innovating. There are 2 caps deodorants on the market. Why do deodorants have 2 caps? MGG group, the top deodorant packaging supplier in China, please explain why the deodorant stick container has 2 caps.

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With improved living standards, everyone is pickier about the deodorants they use. The product's smell, the raw materials used in the product, the effect of the product, the durability of the product, the brand, etc., are all issues that customers will consider when choosing deodorants. In such a highly competitive deodorant market, it is essential to highlight the product with the help of shape packaging, and custom deodorant containers also play a huge role.

Many consumers will choose deodorants with 2 lids. Products with 2 lids have better sealing performance, preventing the internal products from being exposed to the air, causing the product to oxidize and affect the use effect. The inner cover is the protective cover. When the deodorant is used, the deodorant cannot go back low enough. The protective cover can be used to push it back into place. Outer lid keeps the feel and doesn't cause contamination.

Two caps deodorants are the most popular empty deodorant containers. MGG group specializes in producing eco-friendly deodorant tubes, with more than 10 years of experience in this industry and is worthy of everyone's trust. If you are looking for a deodorant container supplier in China, contact us:

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