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Why Does Essence Love To Use "Empty Dropper Bottles"?

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What is the most expensive in cosmetics now? Essence is the most expensive! Regardless of its small body, it contains a lot of gold! The essence of many high-end brands in the market is to use "empty dropper bottles" packaging, which also allows many glass dropper bottle manufacturers to develop. So why do all the essences love to use "empty dropper bottles"?

dropper empty bottles

Advantages of "custom dropper bottles": accurate dosage and pollution resistance

Essences are mostly water-like essences and are rich in nutrients, which are very suitable for bacterial reproduction. In order to reduce the growth of bacteria, it is necessary to prevent foreign objects (including hands) from directly contacting the essence. At this time, the small dropper comes into play, which is an important way to prevent foreign objects from contaminating the product. At the same time, the dosage of the product can be more accurate, which can effectively avoid waste.

Disadvantage of "empty dropper bottle": use a little bit leftover every time, can't get rid of the wasteful name

According to the design of the dropper of empty glass dropper bottles, the tube head inside the bottle cannot reach the bottom of the bottle, and when the product is used up to the last point, the dropper will suck in air at the same time when sucking the product, so it is impossible to use up all of it. The vacuum pump design is far from wasteful.

When dropper bottle manufacturers design small droppers, they use the pressure pump of the dropper to extract the essence in the bottle. After half of the use, it is found that the essence cannot be sucked up. The method is very simple. Net, if it is a squeeze dropper, squeeze the dropper hard and put it back into the bottle, do not let go to tighten the bottle mouth; Press down to make sure the air is completely squeezed out. In this way, the next time you use it, you only need to gently unscrew the bottle mouth, no need to squeeze, and the essence is enough for one use.

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