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Why Does Everyone'S Body Smell Different?

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Deodorant stick manufacturers are very experienced in the research on human body odor. Bacteria that are active on the skin surface are an important source of body odor. Body odor is also related to the food we eat every day, and it is also affected by emotions.

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Human body odor is amazing, and everyone has their unique scent. You may notice an interesting phenomenon, some people are very popular with mosquitoes in summer, but it is also because of body odor that mosquitoes are attracted when the lactic acid content in sweat is high. Medical research shows that there are about 3 million cells, 100 sweat glands, more than 20 seborrheic pores and about 10 fine hairs on every square centimeter of human skin. But the number of each person is different, which is why some people have strong body odors and some weak ones.

Various bacteria are distributed on the surface of human skin, especially in a warm and humid environment. They grow actively and can interact with surface secretions such as sweat to generate a special odor. Parts of the body that have more secretions and are not easy to evaporate, such as armpits, breasts, and private parts, are easily parasitized by bacteria and  with relatively large body odor.

As determined by odor chemists, there are hundreds of detectable substances in body odor, including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, as well as derivatives of aldehydes, ketones, esters, and ethers, phenols, benzene, halogenated hydrocarbons, etc. It is excreted through the major excretory systems of respiration, urine, feces and sweat. These metabolites are related to the food we eat every day. Studies have shown that people in Europe and the United States because they often eat meat, have strong and different body odors in both men and women. In areas where vegetables or other vegetarian foods are the mainstays, the body odor is light and lacks "meat flavor." Different hobbies and body odors are also different. For example, smokers emit 2.5 times more carbon monoxide than non-smokers; people who love garlic emit more sulfides and often have a garlic odor in their mouths. Women who regularly eat jasmine, aloe, almond, fig, corn, sweet potato, etc., will have a perfume-like body fragrance. Patients with certain diseases also have specific body odor. Body odor is also affected by emotions. Fear, anxiety, excitement and tension can all cause changes in hormone metabolism in the body, affecting body odor.

Keeping the body fresh and clean is the most important way to reduce body odor, such as changing clothes frequently, taking a shower on time, etc. Deodorants and antiperspirants are also beneficial for controlling body odor. The deodorants developed by deodorant stick manufacturers for various skin types are packaged in empty deodorant bottles, which are easy to use and can be carried around. It is a good choice for people with body odor.

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