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Why Don'T Essential Oils Come In Custom Dropper Bottles?

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Many essences on the market are packaged in custom dropper bottles, but essential oils are rarely used in such packaging, why? MGG group, one of the leading glass dropper bottle manufacturers, specially wrote this article to tell you why, read on.

Hanging on the wall refers to the essential oils that are left in the bottle after the essential oil is used, but can not be used in any way. It is recommended to rinse it with alcohol or vegetable oil, but it is difficult to grasp the concentration.

Many precious essential oils, such as rose and orange blossom, are sold in units of 1ml. If you want to buy 3ml, you must seriously consider the problem of hanging on the wall, because a bottle will inevitably need to consume some essential oils due to the wall hanging. If 3ml is installed A bottle, as long as it is worn by one bottle on the wall, is actually more cost-effective, and the real usable capacity is relatively large; if three bottles of 1ml are divided into three bottles, each bottle will consume some essential oil, and the real usable capacity is relatively Less. This is also something that many people will take into account when buying essential oils.


Why aren't essential oils used in custom dropper bottles?

Everyone should find that no matter where you buy essential oils, the bottles are the same, and the drippers that drip out are similar. A student once asked that it is sometimes difficult to control the number of drops on the dripper of essential oils. The essential oil is too much when one shakes the hand; the essential oil is too viscous and it takes a long time to wait.

For a standard essential oil bottle, every time the bottle cap is opened, in fact, only the small hole in which the essential oil drips can let the air in and contact the essential oil in the bottle, which protects the essential oil to a certain extent. Then, the dripper of the essential oil bottle is generally divided into three flow rates, so people often say that 1ml is about 20 drops of essential oil. In fact, it is because the dripper is standardized. If you use a non-standardized essential oil dripper, you need to re-do the amount. Adjusted.

Custom dropper bottles: Also known as pacifier bottles. In fact, the part of the nipple above which is soft and can be pressed, and the place bordering the bottle cap is easy for air to run in, even if it is not opened. After putting the essential oil in the dropper bottle for a while, you will find that the part of the nipple is sticky. If you put it upside down, it will even leak out. It depends on the quality of the nipple. But after the essential oil is stored in the dropper bottle for a while, the smell will indeed become unpleasant, and it will feel spoiled. Then, every time you open the bottle cap, the mouth of the bottle is actually very large, and the area where you go in and touch the essential oil in the bottle is very large. For the dropper part, when the bottle capacity is larger, the dropper is actually thicker, so each drop is a larger drop, and you need to re-measure the number of drops per 1ml in terms of dosage, which will vary with the size of the bottle itself.

For some high-priced essential oils, the studio sells 1ml bottles, but they still use standard essential oil bottles instead of dropper bottles. They hope that the essential oils can be stored well and last longer. Some people buy 1ml and are reluctant to use them. A standard essential oil bottle is still ideal.

You can do an experiment, use a standard essential oil bottle and a dropper bottle to fill a bottle of alcohol, and you will find that after a few months, the alcohol in the dropper bottle will decrease a lot. You can even put it on the side to let the alcohol touch the dropper head, and see if it will slowly leak out after a long time. Regarding the material of the nipple bottle head, I have asked the manufacturer, not every material can be resistant to essential oils and alcohol, the dropper head used in the studio is specially selected to be resistant to alcohol and essential oils, and the price is relatively high, which may be Everyone pays less attention.

As one of the many dropper bottle manufacturers, MGG group has 16 years of experience in the cosmetic packaging industry. It has an experienced R&D team and skilled employees who can solve all packaging problems for you. It is your good partner.

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