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Why Is Sustainable Deodorant Packaging Best For The Environment?

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Now more and more deodorant packaging suppliers have started to develop and produce recyclable deodorant containers, more and more consumers pay attention to environmental protection and reduce the use of plastics. Brand owners also need to change product packaging to cater to consumers in order to get more sales. Sustainable deodorant packaging is the current development trend in the packaging industry. Whoever succeeds in transforming and upgrading the industrial structure first will become the industry's leader.

Regarding plastic deodorant containers, the material used is plastic. Most of the materials in the market use PP, abs and other materials. These materials cannot be recycled and will not decompose in the natural environment, causing serious pollution to the environment. Now Europe requires that plastic products must contain 30% recyclable plastic. Otherwise, they will have to pay taxes. We believe that in the future, more countries will request to reduce the use of plastics and increase the application of recyclable plastics.

Paper deodorant tubes are now popular in the market, reducing plastic pollution and increasing the added value of goods. More than 50% of consumers are willing to pay extra for this environmentally friendly packaging. eco-friendly deodorant tubes are made of 100% degradable paper. After the product is used up, the packaging can be recycled or thrown directly into the trash. In the natural environment, it only takes 1-3 months to degrade, with no environmental pollution.

As the leader of sustainable deodorant packaging in China, MGG group has always been committed to sustainable development, providing customers with the best packaging solutions for their brands. Having been in the packaging industry for 16 years, MGG has accumulated a lot of experience in cooperation with big brands and has the strength to become your partner and add added value to your brand.

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