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Why Paper Deodorant Tubes Are Gradually Becoming Mainstream?

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Our lives are inseparable from all kinds of packaging, especially in the cosmetics industry. For cosmetics, the packaging is not only a container but also plays a role in quality assurance. Packaging materials in the cosmetics industry are widely used in paper, plastic, metal, and glass packaging. In the deodorant industry, deodorant packaging used to be dominated by plastic, but more consumers like paper deodorant tubes, which have gradually become mainstream packaging. Why?

MGG group is a professional deodorant bottle supplier in China and has done market research on the development trend of deodorant packaging. Consumers are more willing to use sustainable deodorant packaging. The main reason is that plastic packaging is not easy to degrade and easily generates waste. Considering environmental protection factors, using paper deodorant containers is a good choice.

custom biodegradable packaging

The advantages of paper empty deodorant sticks are obvious.

If the deodorant packaging is made of plastic, then there will be a waste. With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, it is necessary for consumers to eliminate backward packaging. Improvements in plastic materials are also a priority. In the packaging requirements of deodorant, many big brands have also begun to use paper tubes, which can use paper as much as possible to reduce plastic waste and environmental pollution.

The Paper deodorant tubes industry upgrade needs innovation.

Reduce the impact of plastic packaging on the environment, increase the flexibility of the packaging process, improve the automation of packaging, improve the ease of use of packaging, improve the integrated service level of packaging, and the development of packaging in the direction of multi-function and single polarization. Which will become The important development direction of paper deodorant packaging in the future.

1. Transformation and innovation

At present, deodorant stick manufacturers all hope to transform and innovate through packaging, transforming thinking, methods, actions, and results. In an all-around way to promote the advancement of packaging technology in the whole industry, lead the new packaging trend, and maximize the value chain.

a. To find a blank spot in the industry, that is, the recycling and reuse of packaging waste.

b. To occupy the commanding heights of the industry, that is, the research and development and manufacture of low-carbon green packaging materials.

c. To find the industry's leading point, that is, packaging services, such as integrating system design, research and development, testing, certification, training and other service functions, to create a high-level packaging service platform.

d. It is to promote packaging technology innovation and technological progress.

2. Management innovation

The innovative way of packaging quality management of deodorant tube manufacturers should focus on achieving customer satisfaction. Learn and implement advanced quality process control methods as soon as possible to manage the production process, continuously improve the level of product quality, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Focusing on customer needs, we transform customer needs into technical specifications for each stage of product development and design and maximize customer satisfaction at the lowest cost.

3. "Green" Innovation

The global economy and industrial system are emerging and implementing the concept of zero-degree packaging, simplified packaging and green packaging, led by the packaging revolution. Green commodities and green packaging will become new hot spots. Deodorant container suppliers should not only care about the quality, performance and cost of packaging products but also the impact of packaging products on the environment and the consumption of resources. Therefore, only the development of green packaging is the only choice for the sustainable development of the packaging industry.

Under the environment of the global call for green packaging, paper packaging will usher in greater opportunities. Paper packaging will become the main development trend in the deodorant packaging industry in the future. Paper replaces wood, paper replaces plastic, paper replaces glass, and paper replaces Metal, which has become the consensus of sustainable development. Paper packaging has more renewable natural raw materials and more environmentally friendly recycling, fully demonstrating its development potential. MGG group will always design and create more deodorant packaging for sustainable development.

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