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Disc Top Caps

Press disc top closures are widely used in cosmetics, personal care, pet care and other industries because they can be operated with one hand and the way of use is simple and novel. Common types in the market are: 18mm disc top caps, 20mm plastic disc caps, 24mm disc top closures, 28mm disc caps.

Disc Top Cap with Aluminum Foil Liner (1 layer)

Aluminum foil liner has the advantages of anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof (anti-leakage), extended product shelf life, good sealing performance, non-toxic and tasteless. However, placing only one layer of aluminum foil liner in the disc top caps is a test for the supplier's technology, MGG group overcame this difficulty by purchasing precision equipments, and realize that each disc cap has only one layer of aluminum foil liner.

Disc Top Cap Manufacturer - MGG Group

MGG group is a professional custom disc top cap supplier in China, providing plastic disc top caps with simple structure, easy assembly, good sealing and easy pressing. Long-term supply of white, black, natural and anodized aluminum disc caps in 20/410, 24/410, 28/410, 20/415, 24/415 and 28/415 sizes.

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